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Why we do what we do: Meet Jean


Beverly racecourse recently invited 80 older guests and their volunteers to enjoy tea, cake and a day of racing. Jean, 90, went along and spoke about why what we do is so important to her.

Jean is 90 and has lived in the Hull area all her life. She left school at 14 and went to work for Browns the printers. When she first started she did general duties such as making the tea, getting people’s newspapers etc., but then she became an invoice clerk.

Jean has always enjoyed watching the races. She has been to Royal Ascot and seen the Queen there. Jean used to go to Beverley races before she was married and in her 20’s. She used to bike from Beverley Road in Hull. She says that in those days there were no eating places at the racecourse so she would pack a picnic in her cycle saddle bag and they would picnic on the Westwood at Beverley. She says that life has changed a lot since those days ‘’ when I was young, your neighbours doors were always open – you knew everyone by name. Now I don’t know my neighbours or even their names’’

"I had been on my own for such a long time since the death of my husband. I don’t have any family or friends here and was very lonely. I am normally a very outgoing person who loves to meet other people but I was feeling very isolated in the area I live in. I was getting so depressed being on my own. Finding out about Contact the Elderly has made such a difference to my life – I now have friends through the group and look forward to the tea party each month. It is lovely to have friends of my own age to chat to. I first heard about the tea parties from my GP".

Jean attended the Contact the Elderly event at Beverley races on 31st July, organised by Beverley racecourse.

She commented "It was such a lovely day and a nice experience. It was lovely seeing the horses and I had a little bet – I put £5 on and won £21. It was great. It was a beautiful day – the sun was out and it was so lovely seeing the other guests and volunteers. It was nice to have a chat and natter and to meet people I hadn’t met before. It was lovely where we were sitting and we had our own area."


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