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Talk to your lonely neighbours this Time To Talk day


To mark Time to Talk Day (7 February 2019) Contact the Elderly, the UK charity dedicated to tackling loneliness and isolation among older people, is encouraging everyone to spark up a conversation with their older neighbours. 

Loneliness is the reality for many of the two million people aged over 75 who are living alone in the UK. Nearly half of older people say that their pet or the television is their main source of company.  

Meryl Davies, Chief Executive of Contact the Elderly, said: “Conversations can change lives. Time to Talk Day is an important reminder of the power of conversation and we know from feedback from our older guests that simply having someone to share thoughts, memories, and ideas with can be critical for making them less lonely and isolated.  For many of the older people who go to our social gatherings, it’s the only time they will go out all month.”  

Meryl added: “People at all stages of life are vulnerable to feeling isolated and lonely and we would encourage anyone to take some time to talk to their older neighbours. At Contact the Elderly we meet the most amazing people with wonderful stories to tell – from 1960s admen, to women who worked in shipyards during WWII, we meet people who have witnessed unbelievable change in society.  It is a real treat to spend time with older people and important to make sure that they have the lifeline of friendship and conversation as they get older.”  

 If you’re interested in volunteering for Contact the Elderly or you know an older person who you feel could benefit from attending one of our events, call 0800 716543 or visit   


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