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#oldervoices: International Day for Older Persons


To celebrate International Day of Older Persons, we asked our staff to share the #oldervoices that have inspired them. 

Meryl Davies - CEO

"My grandmother, Stella, lived with us for several years when I was quite young and we were very close. If ever I was worried about anything she would say “it’ll all work out”.  Looking back, that was pretty amazing given that she lost most of her siblings to cholera, lived through two world wars, lost her oldest child in an accident when he was 19, and lost her husband when he was in his 60s.  But in day to day life she found ways to find the best in life and to enjoy people."



Kath Davies - Development Officer – West Midlands

“Eat what you like and enjoy life” – as she lived to 105 years old I guess you can’t argue with that!"


Gemma Mcnulty - Service Delivery Manager/Exec Assistant

"My Nan always used to keep her thermal vest on till the end of May!! And there’s a saying that goes “Ne'er cast a clout till May be out” she always took the ‘clout’ to mean vest!"


Chloe Brown- Development Officer

"You’ve got to look after your teeth!"

Tabitha Howes - Digital Communications Officer 


“My Grandma always taught me to dress for you and nobody else and that you should never be afraid to express yourself through clothing. Her style rules:  animal print is always appropriate and there is no such thing as a wrong colour combination!” 

Jade Lowe - Community Fundraiser 

“Always invest in your shoes and your bed – because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other!”

Debra Bollan - Head of Fundraising 

"My Gran always told me to wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a car!" 

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