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Fundraising tips: Easy ways to raise money to combat loneliness


Over the years, Contact the Elderly has seen an increase in the number of people running, baking and swimming to raise money for our work.

Contact the Elderly is committed to tackling loneliness and isolation felt by thousands of older people in the UK, and fundraising for us means we can extend our vital lifeline of friendship to even more people.

We currently help over 5,000 people aged 75 or over across England, Scotland and Wales by taking them out to Sunday afternoon tea parties once a month.

Without our fundraisers our work wouldn't be possible. So, we are always thrilled to see our supporters go to great lengths to raise money and awareness of our work. 

One brilliant example is Mollie Hawes, an employee of our corporate supporters Barnett Waddingham, who raised over £2,600 for Contact the Elderly by running the London Marathon.

As our top marathon fundraiser this year, we asked Mollie to share her top five fundraising tips. Mollie said:

1.    ''Social media is very powerful – be relentless. Posting regularly on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles can reach many people.''

2.    ''Let them eat cake! Coffee mornings in the office certainly paid off.''

3.    ''Have people predict your finishing time – it gets surprisingly competitive for them!'' 

4.    ''Set up an online page for fundraising – technology is on your side as it’s quick and easy and takes the effort away from the old fashioned paper sponsorship forms.''

5.    ''Remind people about Gift Aid! You can raise even more money this way.''

So there you go! Whether you are running a marathon, climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane those are some fantastic tips to get you started.

Mollie said: ‘It truly was the best day of my life and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I’m so pleased I managed to raise as much money as I did’.

So, if you feel inspired to fundraise for us independently, or with a group of friends of colleagues, you can get in touch with our fundraising team for advise on how to get started. Email 

Take a look at our fundraising pages for more inspiration.

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