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Contact the Elderly teams up with Gransnet


Contact the Elderly has teamed up with Gransnet to create a new online community for guests and volunteers to meet people, that can be accessed at any time.

Gransnet is a social networking website for grandparents and older people. In the Contact the Elderly forum on Gransnet you can make new friends and talk about anything and everything; from sharing delicious cake recipes you’ve found, to news about your family or your passion for dancing!

Gransnet is an easy to use website and also offers tips on how to stay safe whilst surfing the web. It’s free to use and only takes a minute to register if you’re not already a member. Handy tips for first timers to Gransnet and those who have never used a forum before can be found here.

Contact the Elderly hopes the new forum will give guests and volunteers another way to keep in touch between tea parties, as well as offering the opportunity to make new friends, and further help to combat the loneliness felt by some older people. 

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