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Contact the Elderly: A remedy to the epidemic of loneliness


Contact the Elderly has been featured on a BBC documentary about loneliness.

The Age of Loneliness was screened on Thursday 7 January on BBC One and focussed on how the issue of loneliness can affect many different people across society, regardless of age. The powerful documentary was the work of Sue Bourne who also made the acclaimed documentary My Street.

Bourne was moved to create the documentary after Britain was described as ‘the loneliness capital of Europe,’ and wanted to meet the people most affected by this ‘silent epidemic.’

Through Contact the Elderly Bourne was introduced to volunteer Kylie and older guest Olive, who both feature in the documentary. Bourne, who is now a volunteer for Contact the Elderly, showed how the work of Contact the Elderly can be extremely beneficial to older guests and volunteers too.

Kylie found fulfilment through volunteering with her local group and made strong friendships with the older guests and her fellow volunteers. Olive said she enjoys the tea parties not for the sandwiches and cake but for the company of her group that she has been a member of for many years.

Since the documentary aired, it has enjoyed positive reviews from newspapers and magazines impressed by the moving stories told through the subjects. Read a review from The Telegraph, who gave the documentary five stars, here.

You can also watch The Age of Loneliness on iPlayer here.

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