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Canon Philippa Boardman's Golden Jubilee Concert address


At Contact the Elderly's 2015 Golden Jubilee Concert, Canon Philippa Boardman welcomed the congregation of St Paul's Cathedral with a powerful and moving address which she tailored specifically for the occasion. The original source of the address is unknown, but in this carefully curated bespoke adaptation she mirrors our ongoing aims to combat loneliness amongst isolated older people. 

Blessed are they who understand
My faltering step and shaking hand.

Blessed are those who are patient with me
When I drop my cake or spill my tea.

Blessed are they who ease the days
And care for me in loving ways.

Blessed are they who with a cheery smile
Will stop to chat for a little while.

Blessed are they who never say
“You’ve told that story twice today.”

Blessed are they who know my ways
And bring back memories of yesterdays.

Blessed are those who encourage me
that I still contribute to society

Blessed are they who make it known
I’m loved, respected and not alone.


(Source unknown – adapted for the Contact the Elderly Jubilee Concert at St Paul's Cathedral, London.  October 29th 2015)

If you know anyone aged 75 and over who would benefit from some company on a Sunday afternoon you can refer them via our online form or by calling 0800 716543. 

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