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Call the Midwife star enjoys a Hackney tea party


Older guests from one of our Hackney groups enjoyed their most recent tea party gathering after a BBC actress made a guest appearance.

Victoria Yeates, star of BBC’s Call the Midwife, joined older guests and volunteers from one of our Hackney groups to have afternoon tea with them.

Yeates has been a keen supporter of our vital work combatting loneliness and social isolation amongst older people. She was thrilled to be able to attend her first tea party and see how important our work is to the older people we help.

‘‘I worked closely with the older people growing up; my mum ran a lunch club at our church which I used to help out at, providing a nice meal and some company,’’ said Yeates.  ‘‘I also used to sing at a residential home for the elderly once a week, so it's always been something very much on my radar.

‘‘I learnt about Contact the Elderly through a friend and had been looking for a charity to help with where I could be more hands on and present. It's such a wonderful idea and once my partner and I have our own home we will be holding our own tea parties. Call the Midwife has taught me so much about the importance of community. It's vital for our mental and physical health, loneliness and isolation can be so damaging.

‘‘There have been numerous studies done on the increased health problems in communities that have started to segregate for example the Roseto effect which shows a decrease in heart disease amongst close knit communities. Apart from having a great laugh with open and inspirational people, I think it is really important to start proactively initiating more work in our communities as a way of life.’’

If you know an older person, aged 75 or over who lives on their own, then you can refer them to Contact the Elderly. See our online referral form here, which you can also download and print.