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Becoming Dementia Friendly


Contact the Elderly is committed to supporting our volunteers in their work with older guests at our tea parties.

We were therefore really pleased to connect with Dementia Friends to help equip a small group of volunteers with a greater awareness and knowledge of dementia. Twenty volunteers from our Kingston/Surbiton group attended an informative afternoon with Dementia Friends, enabling them at the end to officially be ‘Dementia Friendly.’

Claudine, a volunteer Group Coordinator, said: ‘‘It was very interesting and I know the volunteers found it to be very useful.’’

Contact the Elderly currently works with over 5,500 older people across England, Scotland and Wales with the invaluable support of almost 10,000 volunteers. Our service is unique because we focus on regular face-to-face interaction. This not only helps build familiarity within the group but it means our older guests meet the same people each month and friendships can develop. The sense of regularity that this creates becomes increasingly important as people age. The effectiveness of our tea parties has been proven: with 80% feeling less lonely as a result of their Contact the Elderly tea party.

For someone like Glad, 82, the tea parties are invaluable. ‘‘Contact the Elderly is a superb organisation from every angle," she says. "It gets you out of the house, it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and, for people like me living on their own, it's so important.’’

You can find out more about Dementia Friends here and sign up to volunteer with Contact the Elderly here.

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