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An afternoon at The National Museum Cardiff


On Sunday, The National Museum Cardiff invited some of our guests along to a Japanese themed tea party. Support Officer for Wales, Kate Housley, told us a little bit about the fantastic day:

The National Museum Cardiff very kindly hosts a tea party for us once a month. They tend to always theme the tea around whatever current exhibition they have on. Past teas have coincided with a Chinese exhibition when the group got to hand paint Chinese Fans. There was also a very popular chocolate tasting and reading from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during an exhibition of the work of the illustrator Quentin Blake. This month they have curated an exhibition on Japanese art and design, Kizuna so the tea was Japanese themed.  We got to try Matcha KitKats which were very green but tasted great!

The most enjoyable part of the day was being able to try on some genuine Japanese Kimonos, they are a little tricky to put on but look beautiful and two of our guests, Doris and Erica, couldn’t wait to have a go. Erica said she was dying to try one of the kimonos on and was thrilled when the curator asked for volunteers, she said “It was a lovely afternoon and it was nice to learn about Japan and hold the shoes and tea pot. The kimonos were so pretty.”

After that it we had to say Arigatōgozaimashita and Sayōnara, that’s thank you and goodbye.

Everyone had a wonderful time and we’re very grateful to the museum for being the perfect hosts.


Words by Kate Housley 

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