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Tea Parties with Friends

I know someone who would benefit

Be Our Guest: Download material here

'Be Our Guest' tea party invitation (A6)

'Be Our Guest' flyer (A5)

'Be Our Guest' poster (A4)

Loneliness and social isolation is an issue that can be solved by community action. Through our 'Be Our Guest' campaign, we are urging people to look out for older people that they know or work with to let them know about our free, monthly tea parties.

Find out if we have a group in your area on our map of locations. If we do not currently have a group in your area, we still encourage you to make referrals so we can see where there is a need for our service. We are currently establishing new groups at a rate of two per week, so please do express your interest and we will let you know if we are working in your area.

*(If you are an older person who would like to try a tea party, you can fill out a form here.)*

I would like to refer an older person that I know or work with

If you know or work with the older person you are referring, you can make a full referral via our online form. Once we have received the referral we will then be in touch with the older person directly. Please ensure you have the older person's permission to refer them as well as letting them know Contact the Elderly will be in touch with them.

Make a referral here.

I would like to refer an older person, but I don't know them well

If you want to refer someone but you don’t know them personally or very well, then you can download or request one of our ‘Be Our Guest’ postcards which you can give to them or pop through their letterbox. They can then decide for themselves if they would like to call our Freephone number and ask for more information about our service.

You can also download or request one of our A5 flyers which can be displayed in GP surgeries, waiting rooms or clinics. You can also ask for them to be displayed in community centres, local noticeboards or other places you think older people will be likely to see them.

You can download your own copy of the postcard or flyer at the top of this page. Alternatively, please email, telling us your name, address and how many postcards or flyers you would like and we will send them out to you as soon as possible.

How else can you help?

You can help Contact the Elderly by raising awareness of our work in your community. You can download a printable A4 'Be Our Guest' poster which you can use to spread the word about our free monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties.

If you are on social media, you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or connect with us on LinkedIn and spread the message about our work to your friends and networks.

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