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Spare Chair Sunday

Spare Chair Sunday

Spare Chair Sunday first launched in 2015 as a partnership between national charity Contact the Elderly and Bisto. Expanding on the charity’s model of free monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for small groups of older people aged over 75 who live alone, Spare Chair Sunday encouraged people to offer a ‘spare chair’ at their Sunday lunch tables to a Contact the Elderly older guest and their volunteer driver, to share a delicious warm lunch all together. The response to the award-winning campaign was amazing, with over 1,600 Spare Chair Sunday volunteers hosting Sunday lunches or becoming regular tea party volunteers in their local community.

Now, Contact the Elderly and Bisto are delighted to announce that Spare Chair Sunday is back, seeking to provide even more Sunday lunches, a warm welcome and community spirit to older people throughout the UK who will truly appreciate it. To get involved, just complete the application form below.

Please note the following important details:

HostingAny host homes or venues must have a downstairs toilet and be easily accessible (generally we say no more than three steps where possible.)

Driving - Any car used must be fully insured and drivers must hold a full driving licence, as well as supplying two references and completing a DBS check. This is for the safety and security of our guests and yourself.

We aim to process your application as soon as we can, but please do be patient. Firstly, we must go through the correct checks and procedures; we then have to line up hosts with older guests and drivers. In some cases, we will not have anyone near enough to you, our groups may already have as many volunteers as they require, or we may not yet have managed to set up our first group in your area. Please do bear with us if this is the case as your application may enable us to launch work in your area for the first time, enabling more older people to benefit!

Finally, if you are already one of our regular volunteers who would like to get involved with Spare Chair Sunday, or one of our older guests who would like to attend a lunch, please contact the National Office.

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    Please tell us where you heard of Contact the Elderly?
    Bisto Spare Chair volunteering
    Bisto Spare Chair Host (one older person and their driver) (Click here for more information)
    Bisto Spare Chair Driver (Click here for more information)
    Bisto Spare Chair Host a Group (up to 12 people) (Click here for more information)
    Regular volunteering roles
    Regular tea party Driver - one Sunday afternoon a month (Click here for more information)
    Regular tea party Host (once or twice a year) (Click here for more information)
    Tea party Group Coordinator (Click here for more information)
    Reserve tea party Driver (Click here for more information)
    Do you have any criminal convictions which are not legally spent?

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    Please give details of two people who will provide a personal reference for you (they can NOT be a partner of a member of your family)


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    Volunteer Host Details

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    Number of steps to be negotiated
    Downstairs Toilets
    Parking and access to your house

    Please give details of parking at your home and any relevant information about access to your house including steps.

    All Applicants

    Data Protection Act: I understand and agree that, as part of a Contact the Elderly Group, my details will be held in a confidential database that is only used for communications within the Charity. I confirm that the above information is correct and that I agree to my details being held as set out above. Please tick the box to confirm.

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